Things You Should Know About Transponder Car Keys

Written by mbikeadmin on May 25, 2017 and posted in Locksmith Information and Locksmith Services.

About The Transponder Car Keys

Auto-theft is another form of insecurity or risk that most people expose themselves to. It can be taken care of by having a transponder car added to the car. The transponder key makes it impossible to start the ignition until there is a code match. The car can only start if the coded message from the ignition unit matches that of the key. With a transponder key you therefore get an added level of security for your car. It is possible to get one in Houston from a security company, where they will have a trained and professional locksmith Katy TX.

How A Transponder Key Works

The key has an electronic chip that is small and self-powered. The chip has a non-volatile memory. This is the kind of memory that does not require energy constantly for retention. The chip is made as an induction coil, that is, winding’s made around a magnet to induce charge around it like in an electric motor. The transponder key, therefore, does not need a power source of its own for it to operate. The key operates in the frequency of 125 kHZ which is in the range of radio frequency. This frequency can be able to go through plastic and rubber in the key and the fob. It also operates in the range of ½” to 6” which is a limited range.

For the key to be functional the cars computer is programmed. When programmed it sends out a unique alphanumeric coded message to the key and it will allow the car to start when the code matches the one in the key. When the key in the ignition is turned to ON or start, it releases energy. This energy is absorbed by the winding’s in the transponder key and sends out a signal to the programmed computer of the car. When the signal is recognized as stored in the memory of the computer like devices in car, then the car can start. If not then the car will never start.

How is the programming done?

This programming is done not only but computer geeks, but also by trained and qualified locksmiths Houston TX. The computer of the car needs to be set into programming mode. The car is set into programming mode by engaging the power in the car several times while holding a certain button or lever. It may also include other procedures as set by the manufacturer. Once in programming mode then the code is sent to the car through the fob. The code is saved in the car’s computer and the car is then ready to go.

Contact a trained and certified locksmith Katy TX and get your vehicle security aboveboard with a transponder key system.